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“Over 50 years of Sonar Experience”

SonarPhone’s New Fish ID Display is now HD

Minneapolis, MN: Sonarphone, the world’s first WiFi smart device sonar technology has opened the door for a new generation of marine sonar technology. Created by Vexilar Marine electronics, a company with a 50 year heritage in fish finder technology. They are proud to unveil to the world the first HD Fish ID technology ever developed.

“SonarPhone in itself is a revolutionary technology, but Vexilar is a company dedicated to helping anglers catch more fish.” Stated Corey Studer, SonarPhone Pro Staff Manager. “We found with SonarPhone users, their needs were much different than our normal Vexilar ice fishing customer.  These new age SonarPhone customers wanted to use our fish icon mode. While we offer a Fish ID mode just like everyone else on the market, we knew it was not to the high performance standards our users would expect from Vexilar. We developed the all new high definition fish ID. Anglers will find the display very striking with the fish icons looking like real fish not pack-man like fish. They will also be color coded to reflect the strength and the size of the fish will be shown in three sizes. This all occurs while the normal sonar display is running in the background, so anglers can actually teach themselves to understand sonar better.”

SonarPhone technology creates its own WIFI hotspot and sends a HD quality sonar signal to a Smart Device which in most cases can display HD quality with touch screen controls.  That is the beauty of the SonarPhone technology, the biggest cost of sonar today is the cost of the color display. You already own a smart device or tablet, you can now turn it into a sonar with a touch screen HD display for about $150.00. You do not need cell phone coverage, it does not use data minutes and it can be used anywhere with a range of 100 yards.

When anglers download the FREE app from Google Play or iOS Play store, they will instantly gain access to all the needed software for as long as you own the product! With over a Million SonarPhone apps downloaded into devices in the last 3 years, this new HD Fish ID feature will come with the next SonarPhone update due out in July, and everyone will get the newest update for free!

Isn’t it time you check-out the FREE app and see for yourself how amazing Sonarphone is?  To learn more go to   



You can get HD files from:

T-POD: $129.95


T-POD SonarphoneSP100 SonarPhone T-POD Sonar/ Transducer
An ultra-portable WiFi system with contained battery. Can be pulled behind your boat, cast or thrown from shore.


T-BOX: $149.95


SP200 SonarPhone T-BOX Permanent
A more permanently mounted system that is mounted in a boat with access to a 12 volt power supply (not included).



T-BOX: $199.95


SP300 SonarPhone T-BOX Portable System
A portable system with a carry case to hold the battery & suction cup mount for your boat.