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“Over 50 years of Sonar Experience”

SonarPhone Awarded Patent #9,408,378

Minneapolis MN, Vexilar, The world leader of WiFi sonar technology has just been issued U.S. Patent #9,408,378 for their innovative SonarPhone T-POD design that houses an extremely portable yet powerful WiFi sonar transmitter that sends a sonar signal to a smart device. Introduced three years ago, SonarPhone has swept the world with over a million SonarPhone apps installed into smart devices around the world.

“We at Vexilar understood ultra-portable WiFi sonar is the future and why we were the first to create this ultra-portable technology based on WiFi,”  stated Tom Zenanko, Hall of Fame Angler and creator of the Sonarphone T-Pod design.  “My experiences with sonar technology from working at Vexilar for 17 years and 30 years as a professional angler gave me a unique insight into designing the SonarPhone T-POD concept.  The round floating “wireless sonar balls” have some serious performance issues if you try to move them in the water. I knew the round design was not practical for giving a stable sonar signal while fishing in a real world scenario. The design needed to have the ability to be pulled behind a kayak or pulled though moving water without rolling.  Think of what happens when you pull a round bobber through the water, it rolls on its side…  This is not an option with sonar as the transducer must be as stable as possible and also stay at a 90-degree angle to the bottom.  The Sonarphone T-POD also called the SP100 is designed to be stable in waves, or current which allows the superior WiFi technology of the SonarPhone to perform even better.”

To learn more about this amazing Patent design or you would like to sample the SonarPhone technology itself, download the free app from Google Play or the iOS Play Store and give the demo feature a try and you will see why Vexilar continues to lead the world with innovative fish finder technologies for over 55 years.  Check out:



For images of the SP100 SonarPhone T-POD, go to


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T-POD: $129.95


T-POD SonarphoneSP100 SonarPhone T-POD Sonar/ Transducer
An ultra-portable WiFi system with contained battery. Can be pulled behind your boat, cast or thrown from shore.


T-BOX: $149.95


SP200 SonarPhone T-BOX Permanent
A more permanently mounted system that is mounted in a boat with access to a 12 volt power supply (not included).



T-BOX: $199.95


SP300 SonarPhone T-BOX Portable System
A portable system with a carry case to hold the battery & suction cup mount for your boat.